New Royalty Free Production Music

Amazing Grace Bagpipes: The famous hymn Amazing Grace, played by a solo bagpiper. Recorded on the biggest mountain in Ireland.

Brazilian Carnival Drums: A traditional Brazilian samba drumming group, as heard at Carnival and other celebrations. Timpao and timbales improvise over a massive danceable polyrhythmic texture.

Circus Band: A fun upbeat circus band march. Violin, saxophone, tuba, trombone, and drums. Wild and crazy.

Carousel Horses Music: The music of an old-fashioned merry-go-round carousel, as you would find on a pier, boardwalk, carnival, circus, or county fair. A short introduction calls the children to their horses, and at the end of the song the music slows to a half along with the ride.

Snake Charmer Music: A solo musician on the streets of Ancient Arabia improvises a classic melody to make his snake dance. Uses the classic Middle Eastern ney flute.

Snake Charmer Music 2: A snake charmer in Ancient Egypt, coaxing his snake from the pot. Solo instrument, no other music, perfect to add into scenes of an actual performer. Uses an oboe to make the sound of the traditional shenai.

Wild West Guitars – Cowboy: Solo plunky acoustic guitar, perfect for a cowboy to sing along with as he rides his hoss. Perfect for getting that old-fashioned “High Noon” Western feel.

Wild West Guitars – Showdown: A solo acoustic guitar slowly builds tension before a gunfight in the Wild West. Inspired by the dramatic westerns of Sergio Leone.